Saturday, July 31, 2010

let's get busy.

Wow, so I've been really occupied lately. I have so much to do! I want to write some new posts for here, update some stuff for this blog in general, read a million books and magazines that I bought recently, clean my room, make some art for my friends, take photos, etc. I only have a month to do all of that! And then it's off to that dreamy place called New York City...

Anyway, here are some pictures from a shoot I did with Jackie. We decided to go downtown and both of us stayed up all night so that we wouldn't over sleep for the sunrise... It was an adventure getting there, but I'm glad everything worked out.

you knew I love you.

lady, you fondle then fight.

store bought bones.

you've had too much to think.

i laid these bricks.

Also, here are some shots from another photo shoot done at sunrise with Jackie and Emily. I think I mentioned it in a previous post.

she throws a birthday party for herself.

ain't something you can fix with a diamond ring.

poison in my veins.

i'll fly to you via wind from song.

the more I try, the less I care about it.

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